Dotty printable weekly to-do checklists

Blank lists, Calendars, Efficiency-boosters, To-do lists

List your to-do tasks down the right side, and check them off for each day of...

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3 ways to end desk clutter

Cleaning, How-to, Organization

3 steps to a permanently clear desk by Leo Babauta Once upon a time, my desk...

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Dinosaur reward charts: Pink & blue

Kids (5-12), Preschoolers, Rewards, Special needs

Reward charts These two landscape reward charts feature dinosaurs, and either...

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When should you shred financial documents?

Money and finances, Organization

Half the battle of paying bills on time, being reimbursed for expenses, and...

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Zoo animal printable coloring pages

Just for fun, Kids (5-12), Rewards

Almost all kids love going to the zoo. So in preparation for a trip, or instead...

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Housework keeps older adults more physically and emoti...

Cleaning, Family, More

Older adults who keep a clean and orderly home — because of the...

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Grocery store shopping checklist

Shopping lists

Here’s a very thorough grocery shopping checklist, with products grouped...

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Make your own glass cleaner

Cleaning, Efficiency-boosters, How-to

Making your own glass cleaner is not only better for the environment — it...

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3-up printable weekly chore charts

Blank lists, To-do lists

Here are some simple to-do chore lists, printable three at a time. Simply write...

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Dads who do chores bolster daughters’ aspiration...

Family, More

Fathers who help with household chores are more likely to raise daughters who...

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Why parents should do chores together

Cleaning, Family

You may have heard of couples that strive for exact equality when it comes to...

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How a morning habit can help you reach your goals

Efficiency-boosters, More

by Leo Babauta The sun begins to come up, and the first rays of light begin to...

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Household chores: Gender equality’s final fronti...

Cleaning, Family

Working-class couples who buck convention and live together rather than marry...

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How chores benefit the whole family

Family, Kids (5-12)

It’s a common misperception that chores are a necessary...

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Keeping your home clean & stress-free

Cleaning, Family, How-to

Keeping a stress-free, clean house by Leo Babauta Yesterday I cleaned my house...

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Busy weekend planner

Calendars, Organization, To-do lists

Are your weekends usually busier than your weekdays? Here’s a planner for...

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Patterned weekly to-do chore checklists

Blank lists, Calendars, Customize chore checklists, Kids (5-12), Organization

Making everyday chores more fun Check out these six different chore charts,...

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Top 10 decluttering questions, answered

Cleaning, Efficiency-boosters, How-to, Multitasking, Organization

Answers to 10 clutter questions by Leo Babauta Decluttering is a skill that...

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