Making everyday chores more fun

Check out these six different chore charts, featuring three different geometric patterns — dots, stripes and checks. The tones have been reduced slightly to save ink, but they still keep all the fun of the various color schemes intact!

Each one comes with a space to add your child’s name after “Weekly to-do checklist for.” Just click on any one of them to get a larger printable version.

Striped weekly chore charts to print

weekly-to-do-chore-chart-purple-stripes       weekly-to-do-chore-chart-green-stripes


Checked printable chore charts

weekly-to-do-chore-chart-purple-checks       weekly-to-do-chore-chart-yellow-checks


Dotted blank chore charts

dots-chore-checklists-week-yellow       dots-chore-checklists-week-blue

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