About us

This site was created for you to download free printable chore lists, household checklists, family task planners and more helpful ways to organize chores – and to make them fun!

And yes, ChoreTell is a play on the word chortle – which, by definition, is:

Chortle (ˈchȯr-təl)
Function: verb
Etymology: probably blend of chuckle and snort
Date: 1872

1 : to sing or chant exultantly

2 : to laugh or chuckle, especially in satisfaction or exultation

This site was launched in March, 2009.

Linking to and using our free charts

You are free to link to this site — we ask only that you link to a page (with text) and not directly to a chart.

Please also know that these chore charts are provided to you free of charge for personal and non-profit use only, and may not be resold, redistributed or copied. Thanks!

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